Issues with fastp

I have had raw data in the queue for over two days now. Other tools like bowtie have worked, but since fastp and other QC tools havent been able to run, I have had issues.

Hi @Jjma
Please tag your post with the server tag, so admins will know what server you use. Alternatively, write the server name in reply or edit the original post.
Sometimes Galaxy does not update job status in history panel. Click at Home icon at the top Galaxy menu. If the job is still queued, check your quota use. If you are over the quota, the job will stay in queue until you delete some files and free the storage. If you are under the quota and the history refresh does not help, maybe the server is very busy. Note that public Galaxy servers have limits on number of concurrent jobs. If you submitted many jobs, majority will stay in queue. Eventually the jobs will complete.
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