Jobs queued (in grey) for 2 weeks already

Hi, I’ve been trying to run backtranseq since last week and it does not progress from “queued” to “running”. Tried to run it again today and it remains queued (grey). Since a couple of weeks, other tools have been queued and the jobs don’t run. It feels it might be something specific with my account since I could not find any other user reporting the same issue in the GalaxyHelp. Maybe someone in Freiburg has an idea of what the issue might be? Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi @dfplazag

Just to clarify, and let us know what parts are true or not:

  1. Some jobs have been queued continually (without delete/rerun) for several weeks.
  2. Starting up new jobs for that same tool also queue (but for how long not specified).
  3. You are working at and running the tool: backtranseq Back translate a protein sequence(Galaxy Version 6.6.0)
  4. The jobs are actually queued and gray in color. Not light blue and paused. The latter indicates a problem with the input (failed? or otherwise not ready to use).

If all of that is true, try this to reach the server admins (seems needed).

  1. Go to the chat for the EU server. Find that at the bottom of the server’s homepage
  2. Set the history to a shared state, then copy/paste a link to the Dataset Details view into the chat with your question. You could also isolate the “job API ID” out of that view and paste it in separately. Find that view by clicking on the “i” icon for the longest queued job.

Hope that helps. Agree that this is unusual behavior!