Next Galaxy Paper Cuts Day: November 18

Hello all,

The second Galaxy Paper Cuts day will be held on Wednesday November 18. It will be a day long, around-the-world event, with calls about every 3 hours, plus Gitter chat and support all day.

“Paper cuts” are annoying, but relatively easy to fix bugs. They are also a great way to become familiar with how to contribute code and other updates. This paper cut event applies to the entire Galaxy ecosystem.

In addition to learning and fixing, you can also help by

  1. Creating GitHub issues for anything in Galaxy that bugs you and is likely to be easy to fix.*
  2. Advertising this event in your communities. We are particularly reaching to research software engineers and students.

We hope to see you online next week!

Dave C on behalf of the PaperCuts organizers

* What’s easy to fix? Trust your instincts on this. We want to hear about glitches, even if they turn out to be harder to fix.