no change in PCA after RUV-seq

Hi all,
I did an analysis of RNA-seq using DESeq2 in Galaxy.
The problem is I have 3 conditions from one study and 3 from another study. They are not exactly the same conditions so I try to do a batch effect correction using RUV-seq.
Then I used it in DESeq2 (I used the “residual” method) but it does not seem to impact PCA at all (they superimpose) despite the fact that the table shows different numbers for each name and there was no error. Is it possible that there is no error but somehow the corrections did not apply (do I need the “condition” name to appear somewhere in DESeq2?
here first 6 are from one study, next 9 are from another study and I also tried to put the first 6 as condition batch 1 and the next 9 as condition batch 2 and it was the same (no change in PCA)

identifier condition W_1
1 WT -0.0163648540884731
2 WT 0.00155899378731536
3 Treated -0.176101677774527
4 Treated -0.213305786284415
5 Treated -0.154353246229557
6 Treated -0.194322975082987
7 Treated -0.197536828488575
8 Treated -0.199253882567007
9 Treated -0.163179505844669
10 Treated -0.184987388741879
11 Treated -0.166629665955089
12 Treated 0.400186326954373
13 Treated 0.397331122974616
14 Treated 0.418221414691602
15 Treated 0.448737952649273

thanks a lot for your help