Non-visual Galaxy documentation?


I’m taking the Hopkins Coursera course on Genomic Data Technology, and working on the Galaxy part now.

I’m blind and I use screen reading software (VoiceOver on a Mac) to interact with

The course is presented as videos. It refers to Galaxy 101, which uses screenshots to show users how to interact with Galaxy Tools. There are also help pages describing tools that link to screencasts. Videos, screenshots, and screencasts can’t be accessed or described by screen reading software.

I have been searching and have not found one, but is there text documentation? For example, there’s a question about joins that will require me to specify which column I want to join on, but I can’t find out what examples show about how to do this. I usually work in environments like R where I can get text references on syntax. Is there anything analogous to that for the Galaxy Project?

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Try the Galaxy Training tutorials instead. These are mostly text-based now. The Introduction section includes a variation of the Galaxy 101 tutorial and you’ll find many other tutorials in that section and others.

I would also strongly recommend that you contact your instructor/Coursera and explain what is going on. They should work with you to ensure that assignments are accessible (provide full, detailed transcripts for all visual media).

Linked Q&A that also addresses accessibility: Editing Workflow WIth Screen Reader