Predict amplicon metagenome with Picrust

Dear all,
My project focuses on characterizing the bacterial community (microbiome) of insect midgut using 16s gene region. In that regard, I have used the Pacbio platform to generate the data, and local nucleotide blast against NCBI and RDP databases, respectively to classify the contigs and finally score the OTU to build the OTU-table. Besides exploring the alpha and beta diversity in my data, I am interested in performing gene prediction as well! My question is as follow:

Is it possible to use my OTU-table to “predict metagenome” and “categorize by function” with PICRUST?

I do know that it is doable with data processed with Qiime, but Qiime cannot be used to process or analyze PacBio data.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and help

Kind Regards