Prokka error: [tbl2asn] This copy of tbl2asn is more than a year old. Please download the current version

Hi Please update the table2asn version of Prokka tool in Galaxy. @dfornika @crs4


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Hi @JayanthiG. Which galaxy server are you using? I think you may need to contact the system administrators on your galaxy server.

As I understand it, tbl2asn has a built-in timer that forces a new install once a year.

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Got it Thanks.

Hi – If you are working at Galay Main, we just updated last week this when the tool started to fail for this exact reason. If that is where you are working, try a run again now.

Make sure that you are using the most current version: **Prokka** Prokaryotic genome annotation (Galaxy Version 1.13)

Do you need help reaching the admins of some other server? You tagged your post as being but sometimes that is picked even when working somewhere else.

  • Find contact information on the home page of most public Galaxy servers and sometimes (or also) here on the known server’s hub page:
  • A few check this forum regularly and but without knowing where you are actually working, those that do track may not be alerted about the post and be able help directly here with plans/status for the dependency update, especially if the server tag is incorrect.


Ps: Ticket for this fix, if interested or if you want to share it with admins of the other server, so they know what to do: