R shiny app to galaxy

Hi, everyone. Is there any tool that can convert a R shiny app to galaxy? Thank you!

I don’t think something like that exists, but I can always be wrong. I think the best place to start is to look at this page: Galaxy Interactive Tools

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Hi @istevenshen

Reviewing these existing development efforts might also be helpful :slight_smile:

As far as I know, only UseGalaxy.eu has these loaded for now. Search in the tool panel with “shiny”. These tools do not have Toolshed entries, but each does link out to a GitHub repo in the help/citations area, example: GitHub - earnaud/MetaShARK-v2: MetaShARK (Metadata Shiny Automated Resource & Knowledge) is a R shiny app allowing the user to get information about Ecological Metadata Language and to fill in metadata for datasets according to this standard. This version of MetaShARK offers the user a R package to access the app.

The best contacts for collaborative development would be the blog post authors. Maybe try at Github? Using those as references along with the tutorial @gbbio shared is how to proceed.