Rename steps using global names?


I have about 60 steps in my workflow, and i do not like the way they are automatically named in the history. I saw , but as i can get i can either name all my steps after input file (so i will have tens of steps named “input.fa”), or add some string on each step so the last step would be called e. g. “[10 names] gatk4_BaseRecalibrator gatk4_SplitNCigarReads MarkDuplicates AddOrReplaceReadGroups MergeBamAlignment SortSam [10 other names] input.fa”, or something in between if i add names only on some steps.

But i had not found a way to name each step after its own name and the name of the original input file (or history name, or some another step, but not only the inputs of the current step). Is there a way to do so?

Thanks in advance.