Running 4 lefse analysis at the same time in order to save space for graphic

Dear all,

I am comparing microbial community in response to a treatment using lefse cladogram.
I have 4 different experimental set up and I am planning to display the 4 lefse analysis together in order to compare result between experiment (see figure attached, "CURRENT GRAPH). So far I have run 4 lefse analyses separately but I am realising that it makes the reading of the graph difficult, cause I have 4 different legend/letters (see figure attached, "CURRENT GRAPH). Is it possible to run 4 lefse analysis separately (from 4 distincts experiments) from the same table input, and therefore get one unique taxa legend for all 4 cladograms. I would like to get the result bellow (see figure attached, “GRAPH EXPECTED”).

Thanks very much for your help.

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In this case you are assuming that a given taxa color (up/down difference abundance) is the same in all the 4 cladograms. I wonder if that would be rare to happen.
You could simply “merge” all the legend text (and the colored rectangles) in a graphics editor like inkscape, gimp, photoshop, etc. This is what I used to do. But you need to confirm what I said above.
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Right, it is unlikely that difference of taxa between plots would be the same.
Good idea for inkscape