Legend cut in Lefse Cladogram

Dear All,
My Lefse cladogram has an issue. I have too many taxa in the legend and I cannot see all of them. It is like the legend has been cut cause the plot dimension is too small. If you see on the right, my legend stops at a9 Tyzeerella, so I ma missing all taxa till c8, so around 20 taxa missing. Do you know which parameter I should change to increase the dimension of my cladogram plot and make possible to see all taxa in legend? Thanks very much.

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Hi @VinceBilly

Adjusting the text size has helped other people to resolve this type of issue.

I added a tag to this topic “lefse” that points to the prior Q&A. Review and see if that helps. This is a good one to start with: Pictures of lefse on line has incomplete display


Hi @jennaj,

Thanks for your quick reply. I changed the text size and it worked.

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Another easy trick is download the .svg image format. You can edit the margins in a vector dealing software like inkscape

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ok great, I’ll try, thanks

Hey guys, I am taking advantage of this thread to get help from another question Running 4 lease analysis at the same time in order to save space for graphic