Running RStudio in own/local Galaxy instance

I successfully managed to setup my own local Galaxy instance. Now I am trying to integrate the interactive tools starting with RStudio. After adding it to the tool_conf.xml and starting RStudio in Galaxy, I get the following error: sed: can't read /etc/services.d/nginx/run: No such file or directory chmod: changing permissions of '/tmp': Operation not permitted chmod: changing permissions of '/tmp/systemd-private-a8e3130df0164e9facbfe7494ac5ce75-power-profiles-daemon.service-sPqBmp
I do have nginx installed but there is indeed no run file. Does anyone have an idea how to overcome this?

Btw: None of the interactive tools worked by default, but would be happy to get at least RStudio running. Am I missing some essential documentation?

Hi @Markus_Konkol

Maybe this admin training will help more? Galaxy Interactive Tools