Tool "spot_detection_2d" missing on


The tool “spot_detection_2d” seems missing on I could not find it in the tool list. A workflow that includes this tool cannot be executed either.

Could someone help me to fix this problem? Thanks a lot!


Hi @qgao,
we are working on it. I’ll inform you as soon as it is fixed.


From where do you have this workflow? The tool ID has changed to ip_spot_detection_2d some time ago. Maybe that is an old workflow or important from an older Galaxy instance? Technically its not the same tool, as the ID is different.

Here is the tool on EU: Galaxy | Europe

Or do I mix something up and a different tool is missing?

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The workflow is now working and the tool is accessible again. Thanks

I made the workflow after the tool was installed on I do not know what happened later and why the tool ID changed.

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