Trouble running galaxy as first time

Hi all,
I’m trying to run galaxy but when I run


it returns the following:

galaxy.dependencies.optional: no config file found
The Galaxy client has not yet been built and will be built now.
Installing node into /home/pecosus/Desktop/galaxy/.venv with nodeenv.
 * Install prebuilt node (10.13.0) ..... done.
 * Appending data to /home/pecosus/Desktop/galaxy/.venv/bin/activate
 * Appending data to /home/pecosus/Desktop/galaxy/.venv/bin/
Installing yarn into /home/pecosus/Desktop/galaxy/.venv with npm.
/home/pecosus/Desktop/galaxy/.venv/bin/yarn -> /home/pecosus/Desktop/galaxy/.venv/lib/node_modules/yarn/bin/yarn.js
/home/pecosus/Desktop/galaxy/.venv/bin/yarnpkg -> /home/pecosus/Desktop/galaxy/.venv/lib/node_modules/yarn/bin/yarn.js
+ yarn@1.13.0
added 1 package in 0.748s

I’ll appreciate any help.

Best regards,

What operating system is this? And, if run sh again, does it do the same thing, or are there more errors?