Trycycler standard error

I am using Trycycler for combining my denovo assemblies but I when performed trycycler subsample, in the history it was written “a list with 12 datasets” bu there were no data sets at all. It also showed a tool standard error “tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified”. I dont have a background in bioinformatics and I need your guidance,

Hi @Salman

This is just a log message from the tool, and can be ignored.

Would you like to share more details of your analysis? How to is in the banner at this forum, and also here. How the inputs are organized, and what they contain, will probably be important for meaningful feedback, so sharing your history seems best.

I am working on metagenomic data (environmental samples). I used flye for assembling but it created a large no of contigs. so I am trying to use trycyler for building a consensus from multiple assemblies. Apart from flye I will be using Raven and Canu.
I am doubtful that if trycycler is good for metagenomic data.