Trycycler cluster showing error

Hi everyone,
I am training myself to use Trycycler tools. I am using lambda phage data set in fast.q format. I performed trycycler subsample and produce 12 samples and I performed assemblies with unicycler, raven and flye.
In the Trycycler cluster I used all assemblies (fasta format) in input and choose my orignal fastq read file as input for long read dataset. Trycycler cluster is showing following error.

tput: No value for $TERM and no -T specified

e[93me[1me[4mStarting Trycycler clusteringe[0m e[2m(2024-04-22 14:15:02)e[0m
e[2m Trycycler cluster is a tool for clustering the contigs from multiplee[0m
e[2mdifferent assemblies (e.g. from different assemblers) into highly-similare[0m

Error: input assembly file (assemblies/Create_assemblies_with_Unicycler_on_data_11__Final_Assembly) is not in FASTA format

All the assemblies are in fasta format but the error is showing that files are not in fasta format.

Looking forward to your suggestions

Hi @Salman

Did the tool output any more logs?

And, if you run NormalizeFasta on your fasta assemblies, does that change the result? By default that tool will just re-wrap the fasta sequence lines, but there is also an option to “trim title line at first whitespace” which cleans up the > line to just leave the primary identifier – and some tools care about that (don’t handle description content well).