Use Local Resources

I have installed galaxy in local machine and downloaded Human Genome Resources from:
How use this data in tools Data menu without uploading it every time to local machine?

There are several possibilities:

Via data tables / data managers

Tools need to support it.

Another way is to import the data into a library (one can do this also via symlink) which can then be used in multiple histories. This way works for all tools.


I appreciate for response.
Import the data into a library is a good solution. but how can I do this via symlink?

There is a user import dir and a global import dir. Both can be configured in the galaxy.yml. Put the symlink in this dir. From the library site you can then import these files. There will be a checkbox to symlink.

Since you have probably a single user setup you can rely on the global import dir. Maybe it’s also an option to set this directly to the directory containing the data.