use unzip collection in workflows

I’m trying to use the unzip collection tool in workflows but fail to connect it to downstream tools. Some more infos might be found here:


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Hi @bernt-matthias

Short answer for when noodles to do not connect: The usual path is to un-connect all noodles then reconnect them starting from the inputs > downstream steps. This resets the workflow internal metadata.

I replied more on the ticket. I think the messages could be improved, maybe you want to help me with that or give some input? I asked for where to find all of these and we can go through them. Goal: make these messages less technical about the “why” and add more about “do this to fix it” (in end-user understandable actions that match other commonly used terminology… and of course, when possible without exploding the text length too much).

Thanks for the answer and pinging the others.

I guess reconnecting does not help here, since the 1st workflow was created from scratch.

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I’d would try it anyway. If it doesn’t work, check that the downstream tool is set up to accept two collections, instead of one. The collection “type” matters, so maybe the problem could be there, too.

From the Unzip Collection tool form’s help:

This tool takes a paired dataset collection and builds two datasets from it. If mapped over a list of paired datasets, this tool will produce two lists of datasets.

If that is problematic, follow up on that ticket and explain what you did and maybe share the workflow/history input link there. You can also share it with me via direct message if want a second opinion first. If there is a true bug, we’ll need a concrete example. The workflow can be very small (just a few tools that demonstrate the issue) and please include a shared history link with some example-sized data to test it with.

Importing a workflow probably resets the metadata. Exporting from a functioning analysis history > workflow likely has the right settings applied for the output/input for the included tools already.