vcf-sort not found


I am trying to use the vcf Intersect tool (generate the intersection of two vcf files) and receiving the following error indicating the vcf-sort command cannot be found:
{ “code_desc”: “tool progress”, “desc”: “Log: tool progress”, “error_level”: 1, “match”: “/mnt/tmp/job_working_directory/002/986/2986405/ line 43: vcf-sort: command not found”, “stream”: “stderr”, “type”: “regex” }
{ “code_desc”: “tool progress”, “desc”: “Log: tool progress”, “error_level”: 1, “match”: “”, “stream”: “stdout”, “type”: “regex” }

I’m a new user of Galaxy so am not sure if this is an error with the tool, or if there is something I can do to work around it?