What categories would you like to see at Galaxy Help?


Category suggestions: open discussion, share your ideas!

  • Can be for top-level, nested, or both
  • Promote particular tags?
  • Beyond Q&A: dedicated spaces for discussing scientific methods; specific tools; data resources; Galaxy functionality; shared resources; news; server updates; your-favorite-galaxy-topics…


Maybe we could have a topic for training materials, possibly with subcategory per training topic? Also would like to see one for Metagenomics (and perhaps subcategories for the big tool suites, mothur and qiime) :+1:


The major thing to consider is categories vs tags. Tags offer you quick searching of related topics (https://help.galaxyproject.org/tags/admin) already, if you want more then categories will get you pinned topics and additional settings like hierarchy, color, security, logo, topic templates, and tag subsets.


Really like this idea, would be an incredibly helpful resource (easy to navigate, consolidated knowledge, etc)


I’d like a category for usegalaxy.* and tags for Main/EU/AU


ah, gotcha :slight_smile: Then probably better to have a category for training and within that use tags for the different training topics. And similarly maybe a “tool support” category, and tags for tools/suites within there.


I appreciate @marten’s distinction between categories and tags. I think Tags are cheap and plentiful while categories should be few and precious. Here’s a first proposal


  • Use (or Using or Usage or …)
    • Posts about how to use Galaxy
  • Admin
    • Posts about how to run a Galaxy Server
  • Training §
    • Questions about training materials and using Galaxy for Training
  • News § (or Announcements or …)
    • Almost everything that I post. :- )
  • Site Feedback
    • Already have this one. Discussions about how this help site works
  • Uncategorized
    • Really, sometimes it’s hard to know where to put things. Have this be the default.

And then I get less certain. Should we also have

  • Dev
    • Discussions about Galaxy code. It’s usually Admins doing code…
  • Tool Wrapping (or Resource Definition or … but not Tools)
    • Discussions about wrapping tools, data sources, visualizations… Will there be enough questions to justify this, or should it be heaped under Dev or Admin?

§ What about news items that are about training? I dunno!


New tags can (currently) be created by anyone who has made a few posts. However, even if tags are a free for all, we can probably come up with some best practices. Some suggestions.

  • Have a standard tag prefix (or suffix) for the different platforms for using galaxy (for example: use-pl-grid, use-galaxy-org, use-galaxy-eu, use-jetstream, use-phenomenal …)
  • I don’t think tool tags need a naming convention, and I’m ambivalent if we even need them. The text will almost always contain the name of the tool, and thus search without tags will find it.
  • I think domain tags like rna-seq, qc, and phage are useful
  • I think the combination of a Training category and a domain tag would work nicely

That’s my 23¢


Ok, I’m already less certain about the standard tag prefix for platform tags. I’m still in favor of using tags for platforms. Using categories for platforms just creates too many categories.