What is the minimum system configuration needed to do miRNA seq data analysis on Galaxy?

I am using i3 and 8GB RAM, is it sufficient?

Hi @Sanjukta_Ghosh

What resources you will need depend on the tools you plan to use, along with reference indexes and the type/size of the raw data.

The Galaxy server itself should be fine on 8GB of RAM. Details → Private Galaxy Servers. I don’t think the processor matters since that is more about speed.

To get an estimate for a tool on real data, run the tool at a public Galaxy server, and once the job completes, click into the Dataset Details (“i” icon within any dataset). The cluster resources used to complete the job will be part of the report.

You could run an entire workflow, then query your results with the API to get those reports in a batch to do more specific number crunching.

But in short: the resources needed to run tools/data on the command line is about the same as Galaxy would need to do the same work. The Galaxy “overhead” involves a different set of resources for running the web service versus the computational work (jobs). If this is just for you, then any modern computer is probably fine for the base Galaxy installation parts.

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Thanks for you reply. It helped.