What is the rdata.sce data type? As used by scater, scEasy

I’d like to work with my SingleCellExperiment (sce) object in galaxy (HCA), but I’m not sure how to save it as a
“Serialized SingleCellExperiment in RDS format” ie. ‘rdata.sce’ data type.

For example, I’d like to run Scater CalculateCPM (or scEasy) , which expects this input format.

For my first try, I just ran saveRDS(sce) on my sce object - which of course didn’t work because the counts data is still on my local disk (see saveHDF5SummarizedExperiment: Save/load an HDF5-based SummarizedExperiment object in HDF5Array: HDF5 backend for DelayedArray objects). The scater script just seems to use readRDS (bioconductor-scater-scripts/scater-calculate-cpm.R at master · ebi-gene-expression-group/bioconductor-scater-scripts · GitHub)

Is there some smart function I should be calling to serialize the whole thing smartly into a single RDS file? The real dataset is big enough that I want to keep it in a sensible non-dense format.