Will ampvos2 tool will be available in Galaxy EU?

ampvis2 is a great tool, and I see it is available in the toolshed. Will it make it to Galaxy EU?

Hi @vebaev,

the tools will be installed over the weekend.


That’s great!

Hi @bjoern.gruening do we have the tools in eu, cant locate them?

Its called ampvis2 you can search for it. This is one tool out of many: https://usegalaxy.eu/root?tool_id=toolshed.g2.bx.psu.edu/repos/iuc/ampvis2_venn/ampvis2_venn/2.7.22+galaxy0

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Thanks, uppon seraching ampvis2 in toolbox find no tools. With the link you give I can access only ampvis2_venn tool?

Mh strange. I see this here:

I see it now, probably a cache issue :slight_smile: thanks again!