About data size on the GIEs

When I choosing a dataset (CEU_EUR_NA12058_SRR035308-sort-rg.bam) to launch the GIEs (based on the jupyter), the data doesn’t shown in the GIEs after it starting.

I try to use other data to do the same launching, and I find that the large size data (CEU_EUR_NA12058_SRR035308-sort-rg.bam is 8G) usually can’t be contained in the GIEs, only the little size data can be uploaded successfully.

At the same time, although some data can be successfully uploaded, the GIEs will be blocked when use function “get(number)” or handle these data. Also, the size of these data is about 1G, I think it also a little large.

Could anyone tell me please how to solve this problem?