Account storage issue


I am using server. I was running out of storage space so I deleted a few files. However, I am unable to find the deleted files in the deleted datasets. It says that I have ‘no items to clear’ which should not be the case. Please let me know how I can fix it.

many thanks,

Welcome, @Fakihaaa

If you already purged datasets or histories, then they will not show up again in the User → Preferences → Storage Dashboard listings under Is your usage more than expected?.

That view has two other functions that might help.

  1. Use the Refresh function to recalculate quota usage. The servers runs that process in the background but this forces it it happen quicker.
  2. The graphs under Visually explore your disk usage show what data you still have that is not purged in a different graph. Maybe that helps too?

User → Histories and User → Datasets are two more places to view data directly. Use the advanced search for histories “status = all” to show everything: active + deleted + permanently deleted (purged).

Let’s start there, and please let us know if you find your data or not. :slight_smile:

Yes, I just deleted the datasets that occupied the most space. I still can’t see them in the deleted datasets so i can delete them permanently.

Have you checked under different tabs in the history view?

  • Active: undeleted datasets, and the top level of collections
  • Deleted: contains deleted and purged datasets
  • Hidden: hidden datasets from inside collections, or any that you directly have hidden

Only datasets that have been purged for over two weeks will not show up anymore in the application. So, that data must be somewhere. Every dataset is listed under User → Datasets along with the history that contains them.

One extra thing: If you deleted a dataset collection, it is possible to choose to delete just that top level (“folder”) that contains datasets. The collection dataset elements (“files”) will usually already be hidden, and are nested under the hidden tab. If that sounds like what is going on, try checking there.