AlphaFold2 maximum sequence number 10 - any override for this?

  • The dataset is green, the job did not fail
  • The job was run with alphafold 2
  • I want to model a protein in a dodecameric assembly, so 12 chains.
  • I input 12 chains to run AlphaFold Multimer
  • The results say there is a 10 sequence maximum, so it truncates the list to 10 chains and completes the prediction.
  • Is there a way to override this maximum?

Thanks everyone!

Welcome, @fiona_w

The computational limits on the public servers are fixed for now. Hosting this tool is still somewhat new.

That said, if you are an Australian researcher, you could write into the server administrators and ask them directly to see what they think. The mailing list for their Help Desk is in here - Galaxy Community Hub

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