Alphafold service is not working

Alphafold service is not working.
I’ve an error message complaining about “génome de reference” ?!

Error message:
An error occurred with this dataset:

format html génome de référence ?

Welcome, @emmanuel.bettler

Are you really working at the public Galaxy server? The AlphaFold2 tool has restricted usage for now (still in beta).

Click into one of the red output datasets in your history to expand it, then you’ll find this message: This tool is currently being beta-tested on GPUs and your account has not been given access.


Oh OK ! Thank you ! I didn’t see it !

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Hi all, I can’t get alphafold running, and reports this error:

An error occurred with this dataset:
format html database ?
Remote job server indicated a problem running or monitoring this job.

What am I doing wrong? Is it related to the error above?

Hi @fiona_w

It is not an error. The jobs will fail with that message at servers where the service is still in beta.

The term “beta” is a reference to a pre-release of something that is ready for some people (usually only testers) but not ready for general usage.

For your error below, that means the cluster didn’t process the job at all. But a rerun won’t fix it for this specific tool.

I don’t know of any public Galaxy server that hosts Alphafold2 yet for general usage. ORG and EU are both in beta, and AU has the service up but only for a small pool of registered users (currently AU national researchers, only).

“Beta” tools can produce odd output – including odd cluster routing failures :warning:

Hope that helps!

Interesting. It was running for me a few weeks ago. I wonder what has changed in the permissions?

Thanks for your reply.

Hi @fiona_w

Which server are you working at? URL please :slight_smile:

Hi jennaj,

Does that help?



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Hi @fiona_w If you are working at AU, then I’m guessing you were a registered user of the AlphaFold2 service. You could try contacting them about problems directly through that same contact used when signing up since I’m not sure of the details: how long the grants last, any recent known issues, and if there is something going on with your specific account, better to work with admins directly.