bam to bigwig conversion fail

Dataset 116264281 (4838ba20a6d8676529762678df3722d4)
History 1741623 (325f97dc706f62ab)
Failed Job 36: Convert BAM to BigWig on data 18 (4838ba20a6d86765d034d0ad85395503)

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The user redacted (user: 62086) provided the following information:

Hi, I am trying to convert the sorted bam file to bigwig using Convert BAM to bigwig. The job is producing this error: Couldn’t open /opt/galaxy/tool-data/shared/ucsc/chrom/?.len
This is BAM file aligned to mm10.

Hi @akanksha_bafna

The tool requires that the database is assigned.

Please see Changing the datatype

We can’t see your linked data if the history is not in a shared state. So, next time you want to post linked data for troubleshooting review, do that first. You can always unshare it after. For this question, including the error message was enough to guess what is going on but for future questions please set up the sharing for the quickest help from more people. :slight_smile: