Cannot view all HTML components in sRNAPipe output?

I am using sRNAPipe to look at some small RNA-seq data. When I get to the html output I can’t view all of the images, as in the image attached.

I think this has something to do with the whitelist. I enabled sRNAPipe, but I am still not getting a complete html. How do I know what other programs to enable with whitelist? Or is something else the problem?


Hi @SUMaine

This looks like a dependency issue, not a whitelist issue.

If you are sure that all of the “Prerequisites” they list out are correct, or if you not sure/have questions about them, contact the tool wrapper author at their Github repository (open an issue). They are the best people to help troubleshoot what is going wrong. The repository was last updated in Feb 2019 – and Galaxy itself has had a few revisions since then. The tool installation might not work as intended anymore.

If you are logged into the ToolShed, tool authors can be contacted that way, too, but most prefer (and see) notices about problems reported at their development repositories.