Can't merge bam output from RNA-star

I am getting an error code when trying to merge bam outputs from RNA-star:

Fatal error: Exit code 126 ()
/galaxy-repl/main/jobdir/033/379/33379191/ line 9: /galaxy/software/linux-x86_64/bin/java: Input/output error

Any help is appreciated.

Hi there,

Which tool are you using to merge BAM files?

If neither of the latest versions of these work, please report the bug using the bug icon on the dataset, and also try using a previous version of the tool (look at the Versions button at the top of the tool)

Hi - I was using merge bam. I found the new tool you suggested: convert, merge, randomize BAM, but I am not seeing the " Add new BAM dataset(s) to filter" button.

Thanks for your help.

Samtools merge seemed to work. Thank you!