Change username on Admin menu


I setup my local Galaxy v20.01 and I’d like to change username on User Management of Admin menu . In version v19.05, clicking on the user name button takes me to a page where I can change the email address and public name, but in v20.01, it takes me to the page of the admin user’s own information. Is this a known issue?


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Hi @yukieymd


  1. Have the user update their own account preferences.
  2. Set up “impersonation”. When you are logged in as an admin, the option will be under Admin > User Management > Users > search for the user > find it in the pull-down menu. Galaxy Configuration — Galaxy Project 21.05.1.dev0 documentation
  3. There is probably a way to do this line command against the database (or using the gxadmin function), but I don’t know the exact details, and it may different between servers anyway. You could ask at either of these Gitter channels instead (public channels – don’t post anything private!): galaxyproject/admins - Gitter or maybe galaxyproject/dev - Gitter

The other function was deprecated as far as I know – it presents at any server I work at as admin. Likely was a security related change. You could ask for confirmation at Gitter as well.


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I’ll try impersonation. Thank you!


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