chimera.bellorophon error


I am new member. I have been working with chimerica.bellorophon tool to look on chimeric sequences with diferents dataset and that was working fine!
In the new datset, the change was using the toll collapse.collection to merge to files of diferente subdataset in one (files came from make.contigs from mothur) and after that I applied a batch of comands like (screnn.seqs, unique.seq. shhh.seqs) until chimeric detection and it stopped working.
I am here to report the error and to see if someone can help me.
Fatal error: Exit code 1 () and in the logfile I have the following message:

mothur > chimera.bellerophon(fasta=fasta.dat,filter=False,correction=True,increme

Using 10 processors.
Checking sequences from fasta.dat …
Reading sequences from fasta.dat…Done.
[ERROR]: Could not open 20756.temp

Thank you in advance!