Circos of comparative genome

Dear Admin,
I have compared two genomes using minimap2 and I want to visualize the comparison with the help of circos. Please guide me on how I can implement the input file so that it could become easier for two genome visualization.

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Sakshi Singh

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Hello @Sakshi

Tutorials for using Circos in Galaxy are here: Search Tutorials

You can also search the tool panel within Galaxy using the keyword “circos” to find the circos-specific tools for formatting and similar. You may need to use other intermediate data transformation tools – searching the tool panel with datatype keywords or data manipulation tool names is a good strategy to find those. Usage help is directly on the tool forms.

General usage help (examples + tutorials from the Circos tool author):

Please be aware that using Circos within Galaxy should be done at or right now. is pending a tool wrapper update. Details: Circos functional on, but not Pending updated tool install at org