Circos functional on, but not Pending updated tool install at org

Greetings! I am a long-time Circos user through the command line, and I’d like to be able to utilize Circos within Galaxy.

However, I have been unable to get Circos to work on, for any job regardless of how basic. Notably, one of the test files I have been using to create a basic ideogram (hg18_karyotype_withbands.txt) is taken directly from the GTN tutorial for Circos, so this input file has already been vetted in terms of proper formatting. I’ve also been testing with another custom karyotype file (karyotype.human.hg38.txt) with the same results.

The “view or report error” button does not provide any additional information for these failed jobs, and doesn’t allow me to submit a bug report for some reason.

Notably, running the same exact jobs on is successful! I tested both on “Circos visualizes data in a circular layout (Galaxy Version 0.69.8+galaxy8)” (which is not available on and Circos visualizes data in a circular layout (Galaxy Version 0.69.8+galaxy7) (which is the newest version found on - and in both cases for both test files, it works as intended.

Links to both test histories: history link: Galaxy | Accessible History | Circos test history history link: Galaxy | Europe | Accessible History | Circos test history (Europe)

(It appears this note is in the same spirit as Problems with Circos, but in this case, I am using version 7…)

Thanks for taking a look.

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Hi @rerdmann

Thanks for reporting the problem! We were internally tracking the need to update the tool suite but I just make a public tracking ticket for that as well. Until it closes or you see the updated version on the server, please run the tool at instead.