Problems with Circos

I’ve been trying to run the circos tool on galaxy for the past couple of days however my jobs have all been reaching an error. This is not my first time using the application and attempting to rerun previous runs that have worked in the past results in the same error message.

Hi @Vignesh_P, you need to provide more information before we can help you.

  1. Did you submit a bug report?
  2. What’s the error message? What does it say?
  3. Can you share your history so we can see what you’re doing?

Here is the history
and this is the resulting error message.

Hi @Vignesh_P, you’re using an older version of the Circos Galaxy wrapper which has known issues. Please use a newer version like the one on Try this one:

Additionally, perhaps the admins can update circos on .org? @jennaj