Circos Plot: Job waiting to run > 72 hours


I submitted a job to produce a Circos Plot over 72 hours ago and it is still grey and waiting to run. It’s a fair amount of information, and I’ve read the other topics on this and so understand the process but this seems even longer than most. Could you advise please?


Hi @Miniimi54 , we currently have an issue with Circos, and we are working to fix it asap

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Thanks for the prompt response! No worries, hoping its back up and running soon :slight_smile:

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It should work now.

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Hi, I’ve attempted to resubmit but it’s consistently coming up with “This job was resubmitted to the queue because it encountered a tool detected error condition on its compute resource.”. Any ideas? :slight_smile: Thanks again!

That seems a different issue. Can you send a bug report?