Jobs in queue fail to run (yes, they are formatted properly)


I have simple jobs sitting in the queue that fail to run. PlotProfile jobs are typically completed in a matter of seconds, but random jobs are now sitting there for over 24hour without ever initiating. All the input data is formatted correctly because if I hit “run this job again” they immediate run and finish in seconds.

Currently, I have 3 jobs just waiting in the queue. I initiated 5 at once, 2 finished immediately and the other 3 likely will never initiate. There seems to be no pattern to which jobs will stick and which jobs will run.


I also have the similar issue. Did you find any solutions?


Update: After 24hrs the 3 “stuck” jobs never initiated. I then ran each of the 3 jobs again, without changing anything. 1 started and finished immediately. The other 2 stuck again. I re-ran those 2 jobs for a 3rd time, and this time they each started and finished.

Now I have a string of duplicate jobs sitting in the queue. Should I just permanently delete these jobs that haven’t run?


Hello, This was due to a server-side issue that is probably resolved by now. Any queued jobs that were not starting up previously will now start up as resources become available.

If you have already rerun the stalled job(s), the original job(s) can be permanently deleted.

Thanks for reporting the issue! Our team will write back with another update Monday should there be ongoing unresolved server issues.