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I am trying to use Ribogalaxy and running into a lot of errors. I am aware that RiboGalaxy has just been moved over from a different domain and so bugs are to be expected, but my data analysis is time sensitive and I am not well versed in bioinformatics.

Could I get in touch with someone developing RiboGalaxy to help me with the bugs I am encountering?

Thank you!!

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Hi @janhavikolhe


The servers home page has contact information (an email address). They ask that bugs be reported there for now. The admins running the server would be best people to review for actual bugs versus usage issues they recognize.

Find their contact information in the public Galaxy directory here: RiboGalaxy - Galaxy Community Hub

They have a dedicated help and forum site. The news section has information about the updates but the forum appears to be still under maintenance. You’ll need to either wait for them to get back up (along with the custom tools/protocols), or explore other public servers.

Thank you!