Contributing data as public library or built-in dataset for all users

What is the most efficient way to contribute data as a built-in, ready-to-use compounds dataset to the Galaxy Project? I have already tried publishing history and creating a data library, but I was only able to make it available for the local instance, not for all instances.

Welcome, @ShreyaA83

Correct – Data Libraries are only available on a per-server basis. The same is true for Published or Shared Histories. The first can only be created by the server administrators, and the second by anyone with an account at that server.

Some ideas for sharing more broadly

  • Use the Export History to File function to create an artifact that people can import to any Galaxy server. This is just a zipped up batch of files, along with Galaxy metadata, so command-line people can also access to get data out of it. You could include that link that anywhere: publications, blogs, social media, and since you are hosting a Galaxy server you can set the data retention policy for your own artifacts, or put it somewhere else that you have permissions control over (e.g. cloud hosted storage that can host public data URLs).

  • Create a Shared History and share the link with people. Or, fully create a Published History. Do this at each server you want people to be able to use/find it directly.

  • Contact the administrators of the target servers (by email) and ask about creating a Data Library entry. How to find the contacts →

  • The final option is when publishing a tool in the Tool Shed. If you have data for an associated index, that would be part of installing the tool, and would usually involve a Data Manager. The data might be hosted in the development repository or somewhere else public.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: