Creating BED file from intersect with COSMIC and another BED file

Hello there

I have two inputs and I am trying to generate an output from an intersection of these.

Input A - BED file

Chr1 43814926 43814927 name_tag

Input B - COSMIC Database

1 69224 COSV58737130 A C . . GENE=OR4F5;STRAND=+;LEGACY_ID=COSM3677745;CDS=c.134A>C;AA=p.D45A;CNT=1

Desired output

chr1 115256527 115256529 COSM33693__p.Q61R 0 + REF=TT;OBS=CC;ANCHOR=C CHP2_NRAS_2

where REF is reference sequence, OBS is variant allelel, Anchor is base before reference. The “0” and “+” columns remain the same throughout.

Any ideas?