Problem with intersect tool

Hi all, I have a problem in intersecting two datasets (one in bed and the other in bedgraph format).
Here is the error message:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/cvmfs/”, line 100, in
File "/cvmfs/

I have performed subtraction with success using the same datasets…
Can someone please hell me?
Thank you in advance

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Hello @Stefano_Amatori

It is difficult to diagnose the problem without more information.

Are you working at Galaxy Main If so, please consider sending in a bug report from one of the error datasets. Leave all error/input datasets in the history undeleted. In the bug report comments, include a link to this post for cross-reference so we can 1) find your bug report and 2) link the two issue reports.

Click on the green “bug” icon in a red error dataset to bring up the bug reporting form.