Error in Trimming a pair collection dataset

i was Triming a pair collection dataset and then saw this Error,

“tool_id”: “”,
“tool_version”: “0.36.5”,
“inputs”: {
“readtype|single_or_paired”: “collection”,
“readtype|fastq_pair”: {
“values”: [
“src”: “hdca”,
“name”: “Times”,
“tags”: [],
“hid”: 177,
“map_over_type”: “paired”,
“id”: “bca120ad77df2e98”
“batch”: true
“illuminaclip|do_illuminaclip”: “false”,
“operations_0|operation|name”: “TRAILING”,
“operations_0|operation|trailing”: 20,
“operations_1|operation|name”: “HEADCROP”,
“operations_1|operation|headcrop”: 12

why this happened ? i did Trim some data like this one before and those had no problems.

What error message is reported when you click on the “bug” icon? bug-icon You can post back a screenshot or paste the text back here.

If nothing informative, click into the job details icon job-details and then into stderr and stdout on that report form.

Without the error details it is difficult for the community to help. There are currently no known issues with the tool at