Creating Circos cytogenic band data

I’m using circos to create a visual representation of genomic data, but I’m unable to create cytogenic bands that show up on the image. I’ve managed to create the basic ideogram used by: to depict a cancer genome but I can’t seem to decipher how the band data is stored in ‘hg18_karyotype_bands.tsv’, more specifically how the seventh column is used to generate bands. I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

Hi @Vignesh_P, I think I can provide some help here. The 7th column is just a named color that you want to use for that band. There are a number of colors built in, here the staining colours are used.

band	chr1	p36.33	p36.33	0	2300000	gneg
band	chr1	p36.32	p36.32	2300000	5300000	gpos25
band	chr1	p36.31	p36.31	5300000	7100000	gneg
band	chr1	p36.23	p36.23	7100000	9200000	gpos25
band	chr1	p36.22	p36.22	9200000	12600000	gneg

you can read more about the karyotype table format on their website

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