Cutadapt won't start running -- Datasets and how jobs execute at public Galaxy servers

I have issue with Cutadapt. Sometimes it works normally, but often this tool won’t even start running. Everything is gray, and it can stay like that for hours. When I try something else, like Fastqc, there is no similar problem with running. How can I resolve this problem? Is something wrong with server?
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Welcome, @ive_s

Different tools use different computational resources. Some resources are busier than others.

It sounds like your jobs are queued – and that is normal/expected at public Galaxy servers. These are shared resources, and your jobs will execute when resources become available.

I added a tag to your post that points to many prior Q&A topics about this. Or you can use this search link: Topics tagged queued-gray-datasets

FAQs: Galaxy Support
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Selected public Galaxy resource/server status page: