RNAStar not running

I am trying to run RNAStar since yesterday and it won’t start the job. I performed RNAStar analysis on the same data set before so this should not be the problem. There is no Error message, it just stays in cue and won’t run. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this?
This is only a problem on the .org server, the european server is working. It would be easier to load my data to the .org server though, so it would be great if it was running here too.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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hi @ko1013

The cluster that runs RNA Star may just be busy, so please leave the job queued.

More feedback soon & thanks for reporting the issue.

Update: Your jobs are confirmed to be queued and the server/cluster is fine. One of your jobs is now executing and the others will execute as resources become available.

FAQ: Datasets and how jobs execute

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Hi @jennaj
thank you for your reply.
The jobs are all running on the european server. On the .org server it is still not running at all.
They are basically the same jobs, so I don’t really know why it’s not running.

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These are different servers with different resources.

Different tools may run faster at one or at the other at any particular time. Overall though, for most people, staging the jobs and allowing the entire processing to complete takes around the same amount of time no matter which public Galaxy server(s) you decide to work at.

Using workflows can help. If you are not using those yet, learn more here:

https://training.galaxyproject.org/training-material/ >> https://training.galaxyproject.org/training-material/search?query=workflow