RNAstar is not running

Since yesterday I am trying to run RNAStar in a new history with the same setting that I used done it in other histories and it won’t start as the colour of the work stays gray.
I have then tried to rerun RNAStar in other stories in which I have performed it already and it does the same thing, it stays in gray. No error message appears but neither does the work start.
Are there any troubles regarding the usage of RNAStar or is it a problem happening to my account only?

Hi @Coral

Your jobs sounds like they are queued. That is normal and expected.

Every time you start a job, it is added to the queue for the cluster that processes that type of job. Sometimes you’ll need to wait while other people’s jobs that were started before yours complete. This is done fairly: some of your jobs run, some of other people’s jobs run, more of yours, repeat.

Thank you very much for your response.
As some days passed and there was no change in the job status I thought there was a problem. In deed, it processed the jobs in the end.

Thank you!

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