RNA STAR on 2 datasets is running for 4 days and still not complete

I am new to Galaxy, following the tutorial for CLIP-seq data analysis, and RNA-STAR for 2 datasets has been running for 3 days now (it’s colored in orange and the status is “job is running”). Is this normal?


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Welcome, @Galina_Glousker

Yes. The public Galaxy servers are shared resources. Everyone’s jobs will run as free resources become available. Some tools queue longer than others, and that is very likely for your case since RNA-Star runs at our largest and busiest cluster. The good news is that the job is now executing (yellow/orange).

Never interrupt a queued or executing job unless you already know it has a problem you want to fix as new jobs are always added back to the end of the queue.

These two FAQs explain the how the job scheduling process works, and you can browser search that whole page to find more help.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: