Job in orange/running mode for >2days

I’m running RNA-STAR on 2 datasets which would normally take only <1hr to run, but now it has taken 2 days and the status is still shown in ‘orange’/running mode. The track doesn’t turn red/failure either. Please let me know what’s going on with these 2 jobs. Both jobs were started on Aug19, 2022.

Hi @lordyiffles

If the job is still executing, then it is usually best to let it complete. If it is too large to process or there is some input problem, the result will change to a red dataset with error logs you can troubleshoot.

The runtime for jobs is limited at most public servers, and no job will execute more than about 48-72 hours at Jobs may queue before that, it depends on how busy the server is.

If instead you already know there is some problem, and you want to run the job with different inputs/parameters, it is fine to delete + purge the current job and start up a new one with the changes. The “don’t delete and rerun” advice is for when there won’t be any changes.

FAQ understanding-job-statuses