RNA STAR still running after four days

My RNA STAR alignment of 24 paired-end dataset collection is still running after four days. For the last two days, it is stuck on 23 “OK” and 1 “running”. I understand that this analysis occurs on one of the busiest servers, but is there any way to know or predict when it will be complete?


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Hi @Fizz

We can’t predict exactly when your jobs will complete, but you can peek at how busy the UseGalaxy.eu server is overall. This includes a breakdown by tool, including mapping tools…

Go to the server homepage and scroll down to here →

A whopping 445 RNA-star queued jobs alone! The best advice is to leave everything just as it is so you don’t lose your place in the queue.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks! I had read about this issue earlier and was hoping there would be some sort of prediction but I completely understand.

I’ll just wait.

Once again, thank you!

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It has been 15 days since this RNA STAR job began and it has still not completed the last job.

How long do I realistically wait for this to get done?

So it ends!

Finally after 16 days, RNA STAR has completed all 24 paired datasets.

Whew :sweat_smile:

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