RNA star tool running into the forth week

The analyze started august 9. and has been running since. The file is a joined, paired end of two seperate 1.8 gb files. It is much longer than I anticipated. What could be the reason for this analysis stretching out so much in time?

Hi @AOEynes

Has the dataset been “gray” in color that entire time? A month is certainly too long for a job to queue. You should rerun that. It may have been dropped for some server side reason. This should be really rare but I guess possible.

The same if the job has been “gray” for some time, then “yellow” for some time longer than a few days (maybe up to 4 yellow for extreme cases is enough) that is also unusual.

See → Understanding job statuses

To be clear, you are just running one job and not others? If also others, did those process yet? How did that work out? And how many other concurrent jobs? A few hundred, all will run. A few thousand … that changes things a bit but a month should still be more than enough time.

And, this is happening at UseGalaxy.eu? Please confirm or state the URL of where this is happening since each server uses different resources, and that can matter.

Let’s start there! :slight_smile: This is not pushback so please do follow up. What is happening is highly unusual and we are glad you are asking about it. We just need a few more details to sort out the “why” and find a solution for you, and maybe for other people too, but it seems like a new problem so far without other reports of similar problems yet.

It has been manilla or tan colored all the time, It started runnung immidiately and is still running. It is luckily on the eu servers where I have a free account and not on the no servers where I would have to pay for every analysis. I have run other analyzes after I started the RNA star tool.

Ok, if it is running now you should let that complete.

You could also rerun that job at the same time the original is still running.

This might be worth asking the EU admins about at their chat. Share the job information view link when you ask (set history to share state, then capture and post the link from the “i” icon view). The link to the chat is at the bottom of the homepage. Maybe the job is long running, or maybe something else is going on.

Thank you, I didn’t know I could run simultanous jobs on the same datasets. I am sure if there is some anomaly the service informs the admins.

Job API ID: 11ac94870d0bb33a196c26a54ec6e998

Oh, I just remembered that the server upgraded during this same time frame. That may have had an impact somehow (corner case reason, would not be a common issue). Let’s ping them here, @bjoern.gruening or maybe @gallardoalba

They will need the “Job API ID”. Find that on the view shown with the “i” icon I described above. Or, can share the entire history here. You decide but that is the first thing they will need to look closer.

Hello, and thanks : )

This task is still running. Or at least it is highlighted in orange. I think perhaps it is being read by some other simultanous processes.

Hi @AOEynes

No job should take months to run.

What happens if you start up the job again now?

Did the EU admins give any other advice at their chat?